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    Vertical Coal Fired Steam Boiler

    Vertical Coal Fired Steam Boiler

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    Product Details:

    1. Overview of Coal-Fired Steam Boiler

    Vertical coal-fired boiler, A head, drum, top Furnace, Furnace, bending pipe and other components. Vertical bending the structural features of water-tube boilers are: Furnace that has the curved pipe, increasing the radiation heating surface. However, a larger Furnace water level, lower the oven temperature, therefore, generally suitable for burning high quality coal. Such as the increase in the furnace refractory bricks, to maintain a high temperature, can also use the low quality coal species. Better water circulation.

    Using double-grate combustion chamber, heating quickly, can burn once again, to achieve full combustion, eliminating smoke, dust removal effect. Reasonable layout of the boiler structure, good heat transfer.

    The boiler design is reasonable, simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance, small footprint, low investment and production of steam and heating can be used for enterprises and units.

    2. Performance Characteristics of Coal-Fired Steam Boiler

    2.1 the furnace compared with the old vertical boiler, heating area bigger, faster step-heating, less coal consumption, higher thermal efficiency, can save 25-30% of coal.

    2.2 a multi-purpose boiler, the furnace production of steam can be used in canteens steaming rice, tableware disinfection, baths heating, steam production, room heating and so on.

    2.3 the furnace uses natural ventilation, do not blowers and induced draft fan and no noise.

    2.4 compact structure, easy installation, simple operation, easy maintenance, can whole removal, the unit for mobile use.

    2.5 baths with steam heating, food, heating, steam rice, etc., work pressure can not exceed the design pressure,does not allow super-pressure operation.


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