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    Single and Double Beam Bridge Crane

    Single and Double Beam Bridge Crane

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    Product Details:

     1. Product Introduction of Bridge Crane

    The bridge crane is a hoisting equipment to hoist materials across over the workshop, warehouse and stock ground. The bridge shape results from its two ends sitting on the high concrete pillars or metal holders. The crane span structure moves longitudinally on the rails laying on the elevated holder of two sides facilitating the full use of the space below the span structure to hoist the materials without the block of ground equipments. It's one of the most widespread used and largest hoisting equipment.

     2. Features of Bridge Crane

    The machine structure mainly consists of main beam, cross beam, gantry travel mechanism and trolley travel mechanism. The crane is a light and heavy type hoisting crane and the working system is applicable to A3-A7. Working environmental temperature within-25℃-40℃; lifting wight is 2t-550t; applicable to the span of 7.5-33.5m; the operating forms of electrical equipment include wireless and wired ground operation and cab operation.

    The product is a regular crane mainly used to load and unload materials in the places of mechanical manufacturer, coal mine and chemical industry.

    The products is not suitable to work in the medium of inflammable or explosive and the places with high humidity and corrosive gases and also the work of hoisting molten metal, poisonous substances and inflammable substances.



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