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    Automatic Concrete Feeding Machine

    Automatic Concrete Feeding Machine

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    Product Details:

    1. Product Introduction of Automatic Concrete Feeding Machine For Spun Pole

    For the consistence feeding of concrete into mold, Automatic Concrete Feeding Machine is the solution. The feeding machine for concrete pole mainly consists of running gear, feeding system, pneumatic and electric control. The installation of groove rail in the running gear can avoid the blocking of scattered stones. The adoption of chain drive in transmission avoid the slip of the pulley; spiral feeding device can be configured according to user's application of symmetrical operation. In order to realize the distant wireless remote control, the wireless remote controller is installed so that reduce the working strength and promote production efficiency in pole production line.


    2. Features of Automatic Concrete Feeding Machine For Spun Pole

    Durable and reliable

    Shortened working time

    Reduce manpower

    Efficient output to increase productivity

    Improves consistency of concrete feeding

    Smooth flow of concrete from feeder pipe into mold

    Easy operation

    Design according to customer requirement

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