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    How to block brick equipment maintenance and repair
    2015-8-28 18:18:35

    Shandong Shengya Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of various types of brick, brick machine, brick machine, hollow brick, pavement brick and other equipment of the old brick factory.
           Block brick care and maintenance of what work needs to be done? ʱ??
    1, the main power block brick equipment should be used 25㎜2 more aluminum or copper 16㎜2 above. Input voltage of normal operation of equipment: High 380V-410V, low-voltage 330V-360V, reliable grounding device must be installed to ensure the safety of operating personnel. Mianshaozhuanji power system is the heart, is the core of the entire device power, stability and security of the power system but also the entire production plant stability and security of the premise.
    2, the pump motor is difficult Bie stop or turn, lead to burning motor, because the overall regulator of the device (next Splitter large nuts) regulator too large. (Total regulator should gradually transfer small, when the motor is rotated until work is not very difficult as well) is to ensure the timely adjustment of the machine and check the long-term stable operation.
    3, vibration force vibrators is insufficient, or a long period out of brick tiles loose, because the mold under pressure, under pressure adjustment is too large: the die pressure adjustment is too large, the pressure is suppressed vibrators vibrator should the lower ejector pipe corresponding cylinder pressure regulator alone gradually transfer a small, vibrating force until the machine can be fully realized. If you encounter such a problem, you can party consulting company to the tripod trowel, adjusting device, really a good brick.
    4, resulting in block brick mold, each part of the balance arm, and host open welding or damage occurs because the lower mold under the pressure of the pressure regulator is too small: mold under pressure, under pressure adjustment is too small, the pressure will not be able to lock the lower mold live, resulting in mold and the vibrating table impact force is too large, the part that damage the entire device is too large, it should be under the care die alone regulator corresponding cylinder tubing pressure gradually turn up until the machine is vibrating force stabilized, reduce the damage to the machine.
    5, when the block brick brick brick production loose brick fracture phenomena, or when the mold off with bricks themselves put on the lower mold, because the head pressure is too low: the head pressure is too low, can not be Location cause loose brick brick on the head on the cylinder tubing should be corresponding pressure regulator gradually turn up alone, at the same time gently lifting the lower mold die wrench move on, so that the upper ram cylinder to maintain a certain pressure can be maintained under the brick mold does not rise along with the mold, thereby reducing the breakage rate of brick.
    6, when the block brick brick production is found in the middle of the bulging bricks, because the ram cylinder pressure is too high, or the vibration time is too short, failed to press the upper mold in place: if found damaged bricks high, not neat, should pay attention to light when the ejector mention, or check the humidity and the ratio of the aggregate, as too wet, the performance when a brick brick will be pushed out a lot of water, such as too dry, the performance of brick shapeless not out of bricks.
    7. The regulator failure, because the pressure within the regulator spring damage or failure: should be replaced the same types of pressure spring.
    8, cylinder block brick cylinder leakage is found, because the loss of the cylinder seals sealing effect: should be replaced with the appropriate type of seal.
    9, in the use of equipment and more emphasis on care and maintenance, so as to reduce maintenance, thus more qualified products.
    10, specific matters guest operating Mianshaozhuanji should carefully read the product manual, after the read implementation of the action to be Mianshaozhuanji smooth and comfortable to use, give full play to the superiority of the device, and extending its life.
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