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    Installation and commissioning of each system Mianshaozhuanji
    2015-8-31 22:25:04

    Shandong Shengya Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of various types of brick, brick machine, brick machine, hollow brick, pavement brick and other equipment of the old brick factory.
           Mianshaozhuanji installation and commissioning of the production line, to do the following tasks:
    1, the installation position of the machine
    Mianshaozhuanji production line, there must be a reasonable Mianshaozhuanji production line configuration diagram, brick machine production line arrangement with the requirements of rational layout, compact structure. Mianshaozhuanji installation layout should be based on production sites, product process requirements to determine the required background material the stirring principle, sent to board, forming the host, sending bricks, conservation, and pallet turnover interfering, it is recommended to install foundation plans row cloth.
    2, the main molding machine installation
    Main forming machine comprises a frame, shaking table, hopper, mold frame and ram lifting and die and other components. Mechanical installation should carefully check whether during transport bruised, damaged, lost or missing parts relative position change. Main machine should be installed precast foundation in place to install, configure isolation pads, locking bolt. Application Level strict leveling installation (within the range of the machine floor flat corners, diagonal height difference ≤1mm), in order to ensure the quality of molding block molding machine. The hydraulic lines and electrical control circuit connected as required, confirmation, which require users to wear electronic control wiring buried care line based on the location of the electrical control box to avoid electric shock or personal injury control signal confusion. Sequentially turn on the power, close the switch, set to manual control console, open the pump, check the pump and whether abnormal steering, when the motor is switched to normal, jog control up and down the ram, observe sub-head guide sleeve running along the guide column is balanced without jamming, pull rub, fever phenomenon, mold box and ram not have collisions, check with the gap is uniform, the relative motion is smooth without abnormal friction.
    3, sent to board installation
    Sent to board aircraft in line with the axis of the main frame, adjusting the Ottomans the conveying pallet rack orbital planes coincide, note sent to board aircraft frame and shaker combine 5-10mm gap is left between the side, so as not to collide with each vibration, the debugger fixed rack board position after a good push. Items returned car, raised his head, mold box, start sent to board aircraft sent to board, whether correct place to observe whether the jam after advancing the pallet into Mianshaozhuanji shaker. After correct adjustment bolt locking. Sent to board retreat configured throttle speed adjustment to achieve, you must send with brick adjusted after each other later. Before normal production, each batch of test pallet size should match the size of the deviation is intended for use in the allowable range.
    4, sent brick installation
    Send for forming good brick block and pallet conveying belt speed can not be adjusted. When the installation should be consistent with its axis machine axis vibration table, vibration table plane height and highly consistent. In order to facilitate the cleaning, feeding and basic brick without fixed, start the machine after sending bricks 2-3 plates in place, if block and pallet conveyor smooth, without deviation can be used, the conveyor belt is set to a specific action time sent to board a smooth transition between the operation of the link sent action does not produce hop hit brick prevail, and with brick pallet station just up the line to the circuit breakers.
    5, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic linkage
    After other ancillary equipment is installed and manually by control linkage should load automatically, run 5-10 board, observe the action, spacing, spacing and LED light show, confirmation, debugging.
    6, pre-production and Block Height Control
    After the machine installation is completed, it should be feeding trial production, carefully observe whether the machine accurately place the motion. Molding products quality inspection, adjustment Pump stop, so forming block height to the desired height.
    Shandong Shengya Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed cement products machinery development, production and sales, with advanced equipment, superb technical expertise and two decades of experience, the company has always been at the forefront of research and development center block molding machine market development , concerned about the advanced technology at home and abroad, to develop products for different investment needs of users, mainly block making machine, hydraulic tile machine, cement pipe machine, mixer, hanging roller machine, telephone poles machine equipment. At present the country with 19 offices and six overseas plants (Nigeria, Tanzania, Algeria, Kenya, Mozambique, Ethiopia) and exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

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