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    What aerated brick production line autoclave operation requires attention
    2015-8-31 22:50:07

    Shandong Shengya Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of various types of brick, brick machine, brick machine, hollow brick, pavement brick and other equipment of the old brick factory.
          Safety is the most important issue autoclave use. Autoclave aerated brick equipment safe operation:
    1, the safety valve:
    Safety valve within the autoclave high pressure gauge, automatic unloading of parts, therefore, as the autoclave pressure vessel are due with, and at the same time with the two, so that when an accidental failure, the general should be slightly lower than Allow pressure. In order to ensure good performance of the valve must be regular maintenance and do routine maintenance work.
    2, switch the kettle door:
    After the products after the reactor, reactor number should be carefully closed the door, so that the kettle and the kettle circle bared the door into place, and pull down the security put in the pot before the final inspection aspirated door closed cases complete conservation, must be careful to check kettle kettle before reopening the door Are there any internal pressure. And the first to open the safe, so that after the release of the autoclave steam exhausted before I opened the door kettle, and pay attention to the operator to avoid being on the kettle door, to avoid being a high temperature than steam burns.
    3, ring:
    For sealing between the door and the kettle kettle ring seals are rubber, in front of each closed vessel, shall brushing doped graphite lubricant on the kettle circle, in order to reduce the friction of the door seal for kettle, At the same time, but also extend the service life of the seal ring. Seals in use should always check the timely replacement to ensure effective sealing kettle door.
    4, maintaining smooth hydrophobic:
    Autoclave aerated brick equipment is subjected to steam out of the kettle body formed in the pressure caused by the load, there is on the track support pivot and the reactor body weight Fig withstand autoclave and steam to keep a car and the formation of product weight load, due to the the formation of stress poor stability caused by condensed water kettle top and bottoms between. Under this long-term autoclave cyclical stress, it is easy to lose part of the constituent material fatigue strength. While water and gas corrosion, but also easy to reduce the material strength. Therefore, we should be discharged in the course of the condensate, especially a large amount of condensed water in the kettle to heat up the first stage, if not removed, they will gather at the tank bottom, so that the reactor body to work to form a low temperature zone, is the kettle upper and lower temperature increase (usually about 10 degrees Celsius is also likely to reach 60-70 degrees Celsius), formed in the kettle up and down too much stress difference and differential thermal deformation.
    During operation autoclave aerated brick equipment, although relatively simple, but very important, the process is generally operated; kettle inside and outside the rail bridge connected and check the parking position kettle ends properly, the withdrawal of the bridge, the door was closed, Then press curing system, vacuum, send steam heating, temperature and cooling, and finally open the kettle.
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