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    Which operating precautions were there in brick during PRESS
    2015-9-1 22:53:03

    Shandong Shengya Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of various types of brick, brick machine, brick machine, hollow brick, pavement brick and other equipment of the old brick factory.
           In the brick-making process and ultimately Mianshaozhuanji acting hydraulic machine Here are some precautions which have in operation liquid PRESS:
    1. Check liquid PRESS equipment damaged in transit if there is a collision phenomenon, if it please exclude.
    2. Check all fastening bolts liquid PRESS, column nuts, tubing connectors, and electrical distribution box wiring screws are loose, with a wrench and screwdriver to tighten all once again.
    3, open the fuel tank cap, according to grade fuel to gauge the standard position. Recommended number 16-100-wear hydraulic oil (temperature below 10 ℃ with 16 anti-wear hydraulic oil, 10 ℃ -30 ℃ with a No. 32 or No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, more than 30 ℃ with a No. 68 or No. 100 wear hydraulic oil) prohibit the use of diesel oil, gas oil and other non-hydraulic oil instead. In the long-term use, the oil should be less than the highest grades of oil to replenish the same hydraulic oil.
    4,600D type liquid PRESS motor with three-phase 380V power supply, control of single-phase 220V power supply, in addition to this machine comes with the distribution box, the user-owned three-phase 380V / 60A a knife, in order to do the maintenance operation, the gate distribution box knife to recommend the use of copper wire 4 square feet or more three-phase four-wire cable, power supply with the main line of not less than 6 square copper, aluminum not less than 10 square feet.
    5, the mold is placed on lifting stations, adjust the slide, the die push light, and die right in the middle of the lifting plate fastening bolts and slide mold limit.
    6, install a pressure gauge, the host for the 40Mpa pressure gauge, pay machine for the 25Mpa pressure gauge.
    7, open the distribution box, check the power cord is connected, the start button to move the main motor, see the motor rotation direction is consistent with the direction of the pump as standard, otherwise adjust any two power connectors (Note: When the main direction has to pay motor factory transfer agreement).
    8, starting the main motor, press the row of buttons, the piston rod drop some position (not to exceed 1/2 stroke), then press the stop button, press the up button (or press the up button) to stop the piston rod rise, the number of repetitions times, drain the fuel tank and air tubing while checking whether all parts of the hydraulic fluid PRESS oil leakage, if any troubleshooting.
    9, the starting pay motors, one at each station manually operated valve, and from the air line, check all parts if there is leakage, if it excluded.
    10, after checking everything was normal when starting primary PRESS pay motor, the mold material was added to the pressure to be pushed into the middle of the table, the alignment of the head, adjust the limit switch positions, so the pressure goes up to the right position, press the down button pressing, according to the pressure liquid PRESS products set pressure (pressing force adjustment method to adjust) after pressing to complete the pull-out mold release station, press the manual valve handle, the top of the product. Insufficient pressure to increase top no pressure relief valve adjusting jacking set block until the top of the product, hold hands template, remove a template product in the specified location, such as mold release box, and then manipulate the manual valve so the template back to the original position, that is repeated the next operation.
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