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    What is the use of palletizing equipment needs attention
    2015-9-2 22:53:50

    Shandong Shengya Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of various types of brick, brick machine, brick machine, hollow brick, pavement brick and other equipment of the old brick factory.
         What is the use of stacking machine needs attention?
    First, the pre-service labor required to complete Wear protective equipment.
    Second, the non-staff are not allowed to freely enter the console area, non-operate control buttons. Manual, semi-automatic operation of the device, the device must be checked to confirm that no one, no obstacles, safety facilities.
    Third, keep in mind the operational status of equipment, any pressing the emergency stop button insecurity endanger persons or equipment or emergency situations.
    Fourth, the familiar palletizing equipment structure, performance, technical features, working principle and process, master the basic maintenance knowledge, comply with the technical regulations equipment.
    Fifth, the stacking machine before starting the confirmation run equipment, equipment electrical system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, security guards to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the boot-load operation, confirm compliance with the safety conditions before normal operation is prohibited with risks job.
    Six, hear the warning signal, to choose a safe place to stand.
    Seven, when adjusting the leveling roller, and equipment to maintain a certain distance, is strictly prohibited to wear gloves, put his hand to the ban on the operation, between the lower rollers, while prohibiting other operations personnel to operate the console.
    Eight, the production line is running, is prohibited from crossing the bridge or across looper roller, to stay away from waste side winder, prohibit touching or standing on the running of the steel, non-cross stacking machine, roller.
    Nine, when lifting the product on a palletizing machine, NEVER operate palletizer. On the saddle of materials and products to be directed by someone lifting, lifting gesture command signal to regulate, prohibit illegal command and multiplayer command. When the hook, hand positions to be safe, a sling performance should always check, do not meet safety requirements prohibit the use of a sling. When people encounter driving hanging objects, should avoid hanging objects left more than three meters.
    Ten, when the code brick equipment operation, prohibited contact with any part of the body or close to moving parts, is prohibited in the case of equipment operation for maintenance of the agencies, scrub, oil.
    XI, strictly abide by and perform maintenance listed confirmation system, carry out equipment inspection and temporary maintenance, first cut off the power. Everything happens for troubleshooting, after first reporting process; to endanger the safety of the danger occurs when the job you want to stop production immediately.
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