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    Hollow brick installation step commissioning
    2015-9-3 23:53:52

    Shandong Shengya Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of various types of brick, brick machine, brick machine, hollow brick, pavement brick and other equipment of the old brick factory.
         Hollow brick, hollow brick is a specially manufactured equipment, bought the most important aspects of the future is the brick-making equipment installation and commissioning process, the following will tell you about the hollow brick installation process:
    First, all of the hollow brick in the factory will be tested all the time, but still have to take into account the possible future transit collision, causing the device dislocation, in general, after installed, are needed to make the relevant manufacturers technical personnel to operate the installation and commissioning up, hold on those processes and technical advantages, or will continue at the stage of development of the device, such fancy technological superiority.
    Second, check the hollow brick equipment, because if there is damage or deformation related to the situation in transit. In particular, the hydraulic lines on the device, is to check the focus, but also easy to damage a position from which these terms, only to grasp such a technical advantage, then during installation, the still need to be aware Such a process.
    Third, the various components and fasteners on the device is not required to check with loosening, from the perspective of the gear unit, at the time of installation, but also needs to be checked. During normal operation, these parts are the focus of inspection, the main part of the problem also occurs, so that, after installation, and gradually also needs associated with some aspects of technical personnel in these areas to be checked ʱ??
    Fourth, when the installation of, for delivery plate device, feeding device, a brick unit, stacking unit, with electronic control devices, which are installed up several processes, but also key parts of hollow brick can be normal operation. For these devices removed part then according to the installation diagram modulation up, only to be more professional and up and running, so that from the point of view of these basic functions, are able to continue to grasp such a few steps, you can update Such basic operation direction, this is the most important. Some direction is constantly in the device during operation of the need to know, which is why trusted.
    Shandong Shengya Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed cement products machinery development, production and sales, with advanced equipment, superb technical expertise and two decades of experience, the company has always been at the forefront of research and development center block molding machine market development , concerned about the advanced technology at home and abroad, to develop products for different investment needs of users, mainly block making machine, hydraulic tile machine, cement pipe machine, mixer, hanging roller machine, telephone poles machine equipment. At present the country with 19 offices and six overseas plants (Nigeria, Tanzania, Algeria, Kenya, Mozambique, Ethiopia) and exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

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