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    Baking-free brick mechanical and electrical machine, direct and indirect reasons causing trouble
    2015-9-17 22:47:52

    Shandong wins the machinery co., LTD., specializing in the production of various types of brick machine, baking-free brick machine, brick making machine, hollow brick machine, the road of old brick machine, brick making equipment manufacturers.
    From the causes of motor fault:
    L) the immediate cause of motor fault
    1. The stator core fault. B. a. short circuit of the stator core of the stator core is loose.
    2. Burn group of insulation fault. A. winding insulation wear b. c. insulation damage interturn short circuit d. reduce insulation resistance.
    3. The asynchronous motor rotor xiao group matrix. B. a. breaks and end ring crack breakdown, opening, welding and winding rotor winding interturn short circuit.
    4. The rotor of the ontology of failure. Rotor motor please out mechanical power components, the work often bear the stress of all kinds of complex and changing, prone to all kinds of faults.
    2) indirect cause of motor fault
    1. The power of reason, such as the grid voltage and rate fluctuations, etc.
    2. The nature of the load and mechanical load.
    3. The installation environment and place. Environment temperature, humidity, altitude and motor installation place of dust and harmful gas, salt fog, acid gas, such as impact on motor run will be.
    4. The cause of the foundation or base. As a result of foundation vibration and shock make motor are affected.
    5. Operating conditions. Harsh environment and harsh operating conditions, as well as more than allow running fan coil, as described in the technical conditions are often the cause of the directly cause so array.
    6. The selection of the motor to improper array.
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