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    How to install low-voltage distribution cabinet
    2015-9-22 18:26:56

    Shandong Shengya Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of various types of brick, brick machine, brick machine, hollow brick, pavement brick and other equipment of the old brick factory.
      The basic concept: high and low voltage power is its size to distinguish rated voltage, 1kV and above voltage rating of medium voltage and high voltage, 1kV voltage rating of the following low pressure. Low-voltage power grid refers to the low voltage side of distribution transformer or from a straight line with no generator, the prison side, control, protection, metering and other electrical equipment to each user that is composed of electrical power network. It mainly consists of distribution lines, power distribution equipment, and electrical equipment.
    Power distribution unit is defined by the bus, electrical switches, instrumentation, transformers and other technical requirements in accordance with certain assembled for receiving, distribution and control of power equipment. Distribution equipment manufacturer refers to the screen frame has been fabricated for installation of electrical components, bus connection, the whole process of secondary lines, the commissioning and product packaging.
    Category: a low-voltage distribution system typically includes a power cabinet (ie, line counters), restore electrical cabinet (control of each functional unit), reactive power compensation cabinet. When powered by two transformers, one by a corresponding increase in electrical cabinets and a mother of cabinets, control of functional units (the cabinet) will increase accordingly.
    Low-voltage power distribution equipment l different structure, divided into two categories: one for the extraction structure (ie, distribution cabinet drawer), such as GCK (GCL), GCS, MNS; the other is a fixed structure (ie, fixed distribution cabinet), as GGD, PGL and so on. Master switch for the power distribution system by the electrical cabinet from the transformer low voltage side of the line, control the entire system. The electrical cabinet directly to the user by the electrical equipment and control each unit of electricity. How much capacitance compensation cabinet, automatically controlled according to the network load consumes inductive reactive amount of shunt capacitor banks invested so quiet Reactive Power consumption kept to a minimum state, thereby improving the quality of grid voltage, reduce transmission systems and transformers loss.
    Low-voltage distribution cabinet models: BSL, BDL, PGL type drawer BFC type. Users may need to select. Emergency repairs have charged the battery power supply cabinet installed, and there is a power to a power failure, can be used for local lighting.
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