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    How to choose the pallet
    2015-9-28 18:29:54

    Shandong Shengya Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of various types of brick, brick machine, brick machine, hollow brick, pavement brick and other equipment of the old brick factory.
    Select pallet should note the following:
    1. pallet inclination selection: In order to make easy the workpiece during grinding of the workpiece rounded and reduce pressure and friction on the pallet, the pallet should be made of the upper plane of the inclined surface, angle size is based on the size of the diameter of the workpiece to definite. Grinding diameter large and heavy workpieces, pallets inclination should be properly smaller. Generally pallet inclination selected within the range of 20 degrees -30 degrees.
    2. Selection of pallet material: As the pallet with the workpiece constant friction, thus requiring the manufacture of wear-resistant material, available high-quality steel, high speed steel (heat treated) or carbide.
    3. To determine the thickness of the pallets: pallet thickness should be determined according to the size of the diameter of the workpiece, the general thickness should be 1.5-2 mm smaller than the diameter of the workpiece.
    Choose a good pallet length. Longitudinal grinding, grinding wheel should be based on the length of the pallet width and length of the workpiece to choose.
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