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    Factors affecting the strength of unburned brick
    2015-9-30 19:48:09

    Shandong Sheng Asia Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of various types of brick machine, baking free brick machine, brick machine, hollow brick, road brick, brick making equipment manufacturers old.
    The brick strength is determined by what factors?
    How to determine the unburned brick is not qualified, the main reason is that unburned brick strength, unburned brick strength and we pay more attention to the question, in fact, on the same specification of national commodity have certain quality standards, but because of unburned brick open is not balanced, each area about with a commodity quality requirements are not the same, unburned brick specification (to produce brick wall 240 x 115 x 90mm, for example, strength grade 10MPa) can influence of unburned brick strength also has many elements, so in the production process to strictly in accordance with the formula and production technology to implementation, otherwise unburned brick is to become waste piles. Give us a severe economic loss. Influence of unburned brick strength is divided into: pressure super hard, harder, moderate and soft as varieties, the porosity is large, the lower the strength.
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    Affecting the strength of unburned brick Factors

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