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    The details of what to do to maintain cement brick machine
    2015-9-30 19:58:37

    Shandong Sheng Asia Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of various types of brick machine, baking free brick machine, brick machine, hollow brick, road brick, brick making equipment manufacturers old.
    Cement brick machine maintenance details to do the following:
    Carefully check the cement brick machine equipment all fasteners Is it right? Loosening in 1 before use;
    2 each of the lubrication and some of the need to lubricate;
    3 check the mechanical control system is not normal?
    4 limit switches and control components are not failure?
    5 inspection floor standard, not qualified to use, to prevent damage to the card machine;
    6 the production of each shift shall be made in the case of the die, the head and the other parts of the machine;
    7 systems of all components as far as possible to keep clean appearance (no putty heap) the outer surface of tank should be punctual to pick up;
    8 insist on the maintenance and maintenance;
    9. Before the class maintenance: before starting to check the components on the cement brick machine, and according to the rules of transition and lubricating oil, lubricating grease filling and situation, the program settings.
    10 the use of the maintenance of the process: the use of the machine, the operation rules, pay attention to check the work of the situation, found abnormal to stop the disposal;
    11 class after maintenance: to make full use of the time, do a good job in the full operating plan within the clean operation;
    12 to open up the components, box cover and protective net, etc., thoroughly clean, wipe the device;
    13 adjust the various parts of the space, fastening loose parts, check the wear parts, communicate a single wearing parts;
    14 check the oil circuit, circuit, water; punctual clean the guide and sliding guide rod, etc., to eliminate the burr and scratch;
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