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    Unburned common formula
    2015-10-13 19:27:12

    Shandong Shengya Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of various types of brick, brick machine, brick machine, hollow brick, pavement brick and other equipment of the old brick factory.
    Some of the most common programs unburned ratio:
    1. Fly Ash Brick. This is more common, acquisition of raw materials convenient low price for most users investment;
    30% fly ash, slag 30%, 30% stone nitrate, 8-10% cement, rock sand fine 0.2%. (100kg / cm2 plus 8% of cement, 150kg / cm2 10% of cement)
    2. river sand bricks. General rural use more, you can choose one of two below;
    a. 60% sand, stone powder 30%, 10-15% cement, mortar Po 0.5%.
    b. Asher King 0.2 percent, 0.2 percent early strength agent, potassium chloride 0.2%.
    3. shale brick. This relatively high strength brick, crushed shale required;
    Shale 90%, 8-10% of cement, rock sand 0.2%, 0.2% potassium chloride.
    4. Brick Stone Glass:
    Powder 60%, stone nitrate 3%, 8-10% of cement, lime 3%, 0.2% ash.
    5. Other.
    High Volume Fly Ash Brick: 60% fly ash, slag 30%, 8-10% cement, rock sand fine 0.2%, early strength agent 0.2%.
    Gold ore fines: gold ore fines 60%, stone by 30%, 10-15% cement, rock sand fine 0.2%, 0.2% potassium chloride, early strength agent 0.2%
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