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    2016-6-17 17:52:36

    Steel poles cement poles equipment _ _ _ cement tube wells poles mold production equipment manufacturers - Shengya Machinery Shandong Shengya Machinery Co., Ltd. is a production of prefabricated cement poles professional equipment manufacturer, the company products are: electric steel rods, poles cement equipment, cement tube wells equipment, cement poles mold, mold cement tube wells, wells cement pipe machine, poles ....

         The past three years, the national implementation of rural power network upgrading project, giving concrete pole industry has brought unprecedented opportunities for development, the original production capacity of rapid expansion of the old, the new companies springing up, the rapid development and growth, the industry has brought pole a thriving, but also have achieved good economic results. But we will face a serious overcapacity and demand reduction ordeal is bound to occur survival of the fittest situation, how to win in this phase-out; how to achieve pole enterprise sustained and healthy development; how to broaden the pole applications to the industry to inject new vitality and power. We must take the talent, quality, standardization and technical progress of the road, stronger and better their own strength, relying on talent, quality and service, standardization, technical progress to support concrete pole business glory.
    First, the development of enterprises rely on talent, industry revitalization by Talent
    In the eyes of the people, companies do not need any technical concrete pole, poor working conditions, low degree of automation, are bitter, dirty, tired industry, the fact is the case at present. Most employees are lower education level of the old, weak, women, and mobility, instability, annual employee turnover rate of more than 40%; number of university graduates and researchers also believe that smaller pole industry, no future development , income is not high, did not sound reputation, unwilling to engage in the industry, resulting in our industry overall technological progress is slow, backward management, long-term work environment does not improve, slowly forming a vicious circle, seriously restricted the industry development of. We must recognize this situation, change ideas and methods, and actively create conditions to attract and retain qualified personnel, personnel training. A stable workforce is fundamental to our survival and development, whether it is normal operation of the production line workers, special types, or management personnel, technical personnel are valuable corporate asset. Enterprise to cultivate a competent middle management cadres take more than six years, only to retain talent, to nurture talent. Due to the current pole enterprises are mostly small private enterprises, without providing human resources, also failed to pay attention to human resources management. To comprehensively strengthen human resources management, the implementation of human resources strategy must start from the basic work: First, to strengthen internal training. Training and learning is the most expensive investment, do annual training plan, taking self-training, outside training, Wei Pei, Pei designed the way, pay attention to the training effect, insist unremittingly, staff quality will enhance the comprehensive; the second is to improve the working environment raise wages talent attraction. Guangxi Seiichi cement products company is a model of success, they continue to strengthen the management and transformation equipment, increase the level of automation, a significant decline in labor intensity, job shop environment improved significantly, enhance the attractiveness for young employees, after 70 frontline staff It accounted for more than 80%, so that the quality control of the production process is always in a stable and effective state; Third, standardize human resources management system, nurturing talent. Jiangyan City, Jiangsu Province Cement Co., Ltd. is a high-strength through human resource strategy to improve the employment system and the new labor relations combine the performance evaluation and effective incentive to combine the introduction of talents and promote the growth of talent combine to fully reflect the fair, the principles of justice, to establish an effective incentive, promotion mechanism, motivate employees to work hard, innovative spirit, so that enterprises continue Zuoyouzuoqiang final.
    Ten trees, takes a hundred years, when I wait to accelerate the cultivation and introduction, retain talent and create all the conditions to form a stable, knowledgeable, young talent, specialization of sustainable development, this It is the essence of our corporate revitalization.
    Second, the development of enterprises rely on the quality, relying on services
    Whether State Grid Corporation of bidding in what mode, regardless of which industry is faced with the owners, the quality of products are entering the market permits. User quality requirements we can not change, the product required by the standard, and we can not change, but we can change the quality of our products. State Grid Corporation of bidding model adopted, is a good thing, but the competition is more intense, product quality requirements are more stringent, the risk is greater, a mistake could affect the overall situation, and even lead to closing a business. Therefore, we can do, is to see who can do a good job of their own quality and service.
    1, the appearance of good quality pole, to the user left a good first impression.
    In recent years, we can fully understand the importance of appearance quality, overall appearance, quality has improved significantly than before, but still needs further do careful and meticulous. First, to strengthen the maintenance of centrifuges and steel, which directly affects the smoothness of the inner wall of the pole, with the appropriate maintenance personnel, carry out regular maintenance checks, eliminate backward mold equipment; the use of high-quality release agent, refused sticky skin, reducing color, reduce oil; replenish missing clamping bolt, using the pad as thin cotton rope seam together, stop running the pulp and reducing the width of the seam together. Secondly, according to the standard steel skeleton production, control the thickness of the protective layer using C50 concrete above and reduce breakage tip and tilt. Standard lifting, stacking, handling and transportation, reducing collisions and surface contamination. The third is to strictly control the size of the mold, tooling size, the implementation of the protective layer, hanging ribs, fixed flange tooling transformation, to ensure product appearance and geometry in line with "endless concrete pole" requirement GB / T4623-2006 of.
    2, good internal quality pole, so that high-quality products Wing Lap heart among users.
    Optimal design work to do. Given the current bidding documents only pole load rating, failed to give a detailed reinforcement requirements, but there is no recognized standard specifications can be used in FIG. Some manufacturers design due to lack of technical capacity, a large amount of reinforcement or reinforcement less wasteful and can not meet the load rating requirements; and even some manufacturers malicious serve as a high level to a low load load rating. Especially the big moment bearing concrete poles, but can not take a simple imitation or to apply, and some have resulted in major accidents; some security risks, had to take temporary reinforcement measures. In determining the new lever-type must be in accordance with the conditions of use or load rating requirements for the design calculations, after experimental verification, can be put into mass production.
    To strictly to good quality of raw materials. Some manufacturers use non-standard small steel or steel material, graded gravel and mud unreasonable large, seriously affecting the quality of products. Good product quality, manufacturers must be preferred GB material, so that the raw materials into the plant to 100% re-examination, meet the design standards and requirements to ensure that concrete strength to meet the design requirements, and should gradually increase the strength grade concrete. To pay attention to the reinforcement of the welding head, welding head quality checks to make full use of reinforced straighten cutter, or by the length of orders, reducing butt weld reinforcement, improve the reliability of the structure.
    To strengthen the implementation of the implementation of the disciplinary process. Technology in strict accordance with operating procedures, not the easy way, and effort, not to go too fast. For example: In the pole test the mechanical properties of non-conformance, the protective layer had a high proportion of unqualified, mostly due to the protective layer is not required to place the card caused, while others erect circle diameter is not accurate caused. "Design of Concrete Structures" GB / T50010-2010 of concrete cover higher requirements, and we are now only required to be not less than 15mm, the durability of the concrete structure, which must be guaranteed. To comply with steam curing process system, do not turn on duty mode as much as possible to improve the strength of the release. Seiichi company to Guangxi, Zhejiang Yongda Group, as the use of numerical control device to control tension procedures so that tensile stress under control and traceability.
    When the steel frame molding, should meet the standard requirements, and tested before they enter the next step; to use the bezel end, sub-ribs to ensure the end of the flush and reinforcement spacing; To design and manufacture of automatic winding machine spiral ribs to replace manual winding, not only to meet the spiral reinforcement spacing requirements, but also reduce labor intensity. I once asked a steel skeleton for many years of molding work, quality requirements and the steel skeleton of the error range, I do not even know that for so many years, probably know that is like this, along with others do it. Copy or imitate, and how to ensure that qualified products do? There appears to be a concrete pole appearance quality, and its essence is caused by substandard steel skeleton.
    3, good service, all for the sake of users.
    The current concrete pole applications further shrinking trend, mainly in the range of 10 kV distribution network of agricultural and below the line, 35 kV and above transmission lines, substation architecture gradually replaced their steel rod, which requires we must establish a sense of service to advanced services, to come up with cost-effective products for users to choose, at all levels of the power companies to actively recommend the rod-shaped and standardized design. Be the first to do a good job pre-sale services, to help design the survey and design units, selected rod type, remove their doubts, to raise their awareness of the concrete pole, promote the use of all types of concrete poles. To invite users in a timely manner to the factory supervision, allowing users to understand us.
    Full attention to shipping areas, do a good job on-site service. Most companies are doing unloading, can easily cause damage to the scene in time to review, identify problems promptly resolved. Special rod type (such as a large moment concrete pole, pole flange assembly, including various types of iron annex) and bulk larger project to provide on-site services to help construction and installation, provide product certification and installation instructions . Quality is an eternal theme, quality is the life, we have to take practical action to practice these truths.
    Third, the development of enterprises rely on standardization
    Standards including technical standards, management standards, work standards. Product standards, basic standards, the prosecution test methods contained in technical standards. Due to rapid advances in modern technology, new technologies, new materials, new processes, new equipment after another, the standard revision cycle was significantly shorter in the past decade only be amended once the standard, now a few years on the need to revise. Always pay attention to steel, cement and other major raw materials, changes in standards, pay attention to the design of concrete structures, construction, durability specifications, pay attention to the revision of welded steel, test specification and process specification. To actively participate in the revision "endless concrete pole" GB / T4623-2006 standards, put in recent years advances in technology, to broaden the product, production experience into the standard to improve the standard level. Revision of product standards is a major event in the industry, we should take a responsible attitude on the industry, the principle of technical and economic, good product standards revision, in order to give concrete pole inject new vitality into the industry, to promote the healthy and rapid development .
    To do a good job of standardization. Improve the working environment, improve work efficiency, reduce production costs. Workflow management standardization is curing process. Zhejiang Yongda Group "5S" on-site management standardization achieved remarkable results, fixed location, capacity posts, will be given the task of cost management with clear criteria, assessment in place. Japan plans to implement the results of daily, weekly planning cycle results management. Daily tasks plan clear, daily production of many raw materials, the number of auxiliary materials to use, how much electricity use, how much water, how much coal, how artificial must be figured out, the implementation of effective cost control, and enhance market competitiveness and profitability ability.
    Implementation of standardization. The implementation of standardized operations, can effectively guarantee the stability of product quality, reduce production costs of various types of security occurs, improve work efficiency, can be avoided due to changes in personnel impact, so as to get the most benefit.

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