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    Use poles mold maintenance and repair
    2016-7-18 17:55:23

    1 Use should pay attention to the problem  Pole mold before use, you should first check whether the mold intact, hanging lossless crack climbing at the phenomenon, take the climb, bolts, nuts, washers and other accessories are complete, other bars, there are non-destructive plate weld cracking phenomenon, if we find a problem, after use should be promptly repaired. When using the notation of the lubricating oil bolt, the threaded connection is durable, smooth assembly and disassembly.  In the production of concrete to fill each time before the opening wedge to clean up again, removing accumulated mud sand and other objects, walls painted with emulsion, opening wedge grooves embedded filler (paper pads or Shasheng), both to prevent run but also conducive to release and remove the pulp slurry, after fill concrete shall remove sand wedge parting surface and mouth, and then closing the mold should be symmetrical tighten the screws hekou to ensure that the upper and lower mold wedge seam adhesion. Mold in the centrifuge holder must be slow, medium, high-speed order, non-direct high-speed start, sudden acceleration and prevent mold overflew the centrifuge housing, resulting in a major accident damage and mold damage, personal injury. Mold centrifuge run on time should be 12-15 minutes, when the mold is running on the centrifuge, you should pay attention to whether the mold is operating normally, found abnormal or unusual noise, running pulp and other phenomena, should immediately stop inspection, after the elimination of the fault, may continue to operate.  Pole mold lifting, transportation, release should be in stable hanging light, even gravity operation, non-collision or heavy hammer; non-dual mode crane. Steam conservation science should be stacked and maintain stable center of gravity, prevent mold deformation.  Pole centrifuge mold is the main equipment operation, in order to ensure the normal operation of the mold, to extend the life of the centrifuge must be regularly checked, adjustments to ensure straight, so that the mold can work on the quality and reliability of equipment. Pole mold 2 maintenance should pay attention to the problem  Die poles stacked when not in custody, non-stacked half-sheet, according to model specifications stable stacking. In outdoor conditions apply rain cover to cover, not to the sun and rain, stacking layers should not exceed three, should be run between pad is round, resulting in poor stacking to prevent mold deformation.  2.1 should be detailed examination of each interface and the interface at the running wheel screw is loose and damaged, when loose to be fastened, must be promptly replaced when damaged.  2.2 Check the entire mold weld cracks at the joints should be removed, see the original depth, and then use high-quality welding rod (T42 above) re-welding.  2.3 Checking hekou whether there dislocation bump phenomenon and mouth phenomenon, should be dealt with after clamping, tighten all the screws, into one.  2.4 Replace any damaged hekou screws and tighten Allen screws.  3 maintenance should pay attention to the problem  Pole mold after a certain period, inevitably produce natural wear and tear, deformation and damage parts phenomenon. Therefore, we must promptly carry out maintenance work on the poles ensure product quality, longer tool life, is essential.  Pole mold maintenance is generally divided into small repair in January, quarterly repair, overhaul a year.  Minor repairs: regular part of the damage, loss of parts, bent or cracked ribs, the mold is bad, there is a gap, running or slurry wall deformation or bending slightly to correct maintenance.  The repair: for a long period of use, the extent of damage heavier, the larger the amount of deformation of the mold, the repair should be carried out, in particular mold tube weld, running wheel.  Overhaul: Where to run excessive wheel wear, less than the standard size of 10mm or more, you need to replace. Both ends of the flange and connecting flange severely deformed die badly damaged, mold the entire root severely bent, twisted, parting plane severely damaged by the correction is still uneven, the wall plate wear rate of more than 30% of its thickness, etc. , shall be adopted by planer custom and special lathe. In order to ensure repair quality, reduce production costs and maintenance costs, design and manufacture of special machine tools, proved that not only improves the quality of the overhaul of the mold, but also shorten the repair time, play good results.

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