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    We are in Africa !!!
    2016-7-19 18:51:02

    We are in Africa !!!
    We are manufacturer of centrifugal spinning machine , molds , heading machine ,cutting machine ,feeding machine, tension jack for pre-stress .feeding machine for different capacity , etc .we also can supply setting up a new factory full line service . We have already exported various kinds of concrete pole making machines,concrete pipe making machines and concrete block making machines.

    1.We have ten After-sale Service Center in
    2.Including10  foreign branch managers, 30 highly qualified professional technicians, more than 50 countries after-sales service experience, 20-30 days free installation, training.
    3.Supporting complete turnkey services including: design,development,manufacturing, procurement, integration, testing, installation, training and service
    4.My company is your best choice and will enable all of us to make business for a long lasting future.
    5.Please don't worry the quality of concrete poles.
    All of technical parameters of your poles are fully qualified and meet the requirement of Africa Electric Power Standards.
    we will supply  advanced production technology and send the top engineer to do the installation,testing and training for you.
    Our company helped customers to build their concrete poles plant in Kenya,Ethiopia,Fiji,Bangladesh,Nigeria,Afghanistan,Sri Lanka,Malaysia,Philippines,etc.
    We will supply the high quality machines and new production process for you.
    your company can win in the competition of local market by our advanced production technology.
    Your company's successful is my company's successful.

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