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    Proper use of poles mold.
    2016-8-5 1:11:32

    Poles die due to transport and process manufacturers and other reasons in the manufacturing segment, the electric pole assembly; shall check the packaging is intact before assembly, each member whether the touch hair damage, if any should be immediately trimmed. Connecting flange face and ran round the runway is the result of precision machining, precision because the connection will directly affect the entire length of the mold bending and smooth operation, while running round the runway surface quality during operation can also cause bad beating, so if scars shall Seiko repair, repair deburring allowed only when sanding with sand paper, available on the scars around the protruding portion careful rasp file flat file flat area projecting beyond the allowed range, assembled in the following order: 1. The pole segments each mold in turn hanging on the centrifuge, through the connecting bolt into one pair of screw connecting flange by bolts symmetrical pair-wise direction of tightening. 2. Loosen all take climbing bolts, the bolt should not sag, bolt preload should still have to fix the two mold halves, ie without the aid of power tools only finger tighten the nut, then slowly turning pole mold 1 ~ 2 minutes. 3. Tighten all the tools to take climbing bolts until the connection with the feeler surface without a gap so far. 4. Slowly rose from a low-load operation at high speed, smooth operation should be no jumps before feed production. When assembling the inner wall can be processed in connection with a grinding wheel or other means 3 × 45 ° break, and then follow the above sequence tighten bolts, welding full break and then polished welds connecting the outer edge of the flange to avoid parting face of the welded eight (uniform) reinforcing webs, which can eliminate the disadvantages of plasma leakage and traces of parting segment connections, greatly improving the quality and mold pole connection reliability. Pole mold using wedges mouth commissure to ensure that no leakage of plasma, such as waxing can be, the better. Attentions wedge mouth clean to prevent bruising. Pole mold after a period of time where there should always bending correction, there are two ways to correct common flame and mechanical correction method forced the former to carry out by an experienced chef, the centrifuge must be kept in good technical condition, otherwise the double pole shorten the life of the mold, such as stopping use, should be in addition to water and other contaminants mud net attached, and coated with anti-embroidered oil, two die together and piled on a dry, flat, solid venue, stacked height no more than three layers, each running between the wheel and running wheel dunnage pad is strictly prohibited piling mold halves.

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