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    2016-8-23 0:05:53

    Introduction Main advantages as follows: 1. operation according to the menu: starting the machine by the screen instruction, it can run automatically, and can realize unmanned operation. 2. full intelligent quality control: advanced distribution pattern, to ensure that the same plate brick quality error less than 2%; full intelligent monitoring system, to ensure that each board brick quality be consistent from beginning to the end, and also meet the strength requirements. 3. full intelligent fault treatment: fault not caused by the components, the machine can automatically judge and remove, no need the artificial solutions, to ensure the production proceed without interruption. 4. intelligent data statistics: in the process of production, various kinds of data can be collected according to the user's requirements, and can automatically adjust some parameters on time, so that it could control the quality of products more effectively.  Technology principle   Raw materials after screening and crushing, through  pressure and vibration, become one-time and final molding blocks.   high  efficiency: It could produce 34 bricks/board every 15 senconds, as for the hollow blocks, it could produce 6 pieces. therefore, it could produce 65-70 thousand bricks every 8 hours.    raw materials:   Wide range of raw materials could be adopted such as fly ash, coal residue, coal wastes, chemical residue, sand, stone, concent, cement, construction wastes and so on. therefore, it is a new tpye of machine which has the characteristics  of energy conservation and environmental protection.  Technical Information:  Video Link:  https://youtu.be/WlPmjXKRgQw   Production capacity:

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