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    QT6-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine

    QT6-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine

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    Product Details:


      1, High technology used. Completely controlled by PLC system,and by operating the computer interface, random signal analysis, fault diagnosis, and parameter setting-up would be easily achieved.

      2, Electro-hydraulic proportional valve is used in its vibrating system. the material-feeding with low frequency and the shape-vibrating with high frequency have been achieved.

      3, Low error margin. The Board support devices on the vibration table is installed. And its low 1-1.55mm than the vibration table. When the vibration box drop ,the Board support devices will stand the pallets so that will reduce the pressing of vibration box and increase the vibration force .To build a higher density of  block and also will control the higher of the products. Within the error of 1mm.

      4, Its rake feeding system mounter with multirow of stirring forkscan quickly and evenly discharge the materials into the moulding box.

      5, By changing different moulds ,all kinds of blocks, standard bricks, cellular bricks, grass planting titles ,decoration bricks, pavement bricks ect. can be manufactured,6, High productivity. With an annual production capacity of 70.000 cubic meters.



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