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    SY-pipe Suspended Roller

    SY-pipe Suspended Roller

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    Product Details:

      Concrete Pipe manufacturing Flow


      A. Raw material

      Cement, Water, Sands, Gravels ------> Concrete mixer------> half dry casting ConcreteReinforced Cage:  Steel Wire coil 4-8mm and Longitude steel bar 6-10mm -------> wire cage welding machine----->Reinforced iron cagesB. Automatic Feeding Conveyor

      Rubber belt conveyor is controlled by electric motor; transport the concrete into the mouldC. Concrete Pipe Forming

      The concrete will distribute around the inner wall of the mould, and will become solid and intense under the roller Pressure and centrifugal force, also a little vibration. The pipe will form in the pipe moulds.

      D. Release Mould and Curing

      Finished the stage on the pipe machine, the pipe moulds will move to the steam tank to cure,after about 4-5 hours, it is ready to release the steel mould, and let the pipe stay natural curing.

      around at least 10 days, the pipe will reach up the standard strength, and can be used .

      E. Application

      The qualified concrete pipes can be used widely among the infrastructure. Such as Road Culvert, Storm Water, Water Drainage, Agricultural Irrigation, Civil Engineering, Tunnel Jacking pipes, and so on.

      1.Pipe machine detail information :

      Pipe machine BM-120 is ideal equipment which produce cement pipes.  It's with reasonable design, beautiful appearance, reliable operation, easy to operate,etc. Concrete pipes produced by this machine have characteristics as follows: inside and outside walls are smooth; Hard to be permeated; High compressive strength, low price, Joints are solid and reliable; Easy to operate, High production efficiency.

      Its products are widely applied in the farm irrigation, drainage, quality is very reliable.

      working principle

      This machine use the Roller to support the pipe mould, and produce the roller force to concrete in the mould. When the roller rotate at a high speed, the concrete in the mould will spread in the inner wall of the pipe mould and form a cement pipe with the centrifugal force, and when the mould with the inner concrete pass on the roller,the concrete between the mould and the roller will be compacted solid to form a pipe.

      2.Pipe machine technical parameters:




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