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    SY-CLC Lightweight Brick Mould

    SY-CLC Lightweight Brick Mould

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    Product Details:


      Eco-lite blok  is made with cellular lightweight concrete. A non-toxic chemical foam (see  photo) is introduced into regular concrete leaving a multitude of air pockets within the mixture. This wet mixture is poured into block molds and allowed to cure. No heat is employed during the manufacturing process. The molds are disassembled revealing lightweight blocks comprised of Fly ash/sand and cement filled with non-interconnected air pockets. The patented interlocking design and the cellular lightweight concrete used in the manufacture of Eco-Lite blok  are entirely unique. During construction, reinforced steel (rebar) and grout are introduced into some of the holes within the blocks to form columns. It is these columns that provide the support for the structure. The structure essentially represents a basic column and beam system with the columns and beams being made out of materials that structural engineers are already familiar with. The mortarless design creates gaps between blocks which act as expansion joints eliminating the need for such. Although Liteblok  walls are structural, the blocks themselves are not structural elements. Liteblok  is a form that contains the structure.

      Liteblok  is the ultimate green building block. It is precision molded, interlocking, mortarless and requires little skill to lay. Other significant features of Liteblok  include the following:

      Cost effective: speed and ease of construction mean significant cost savingsHealthy and environmentally friendly: manufactured with no toxins or VOCs and less energy than competing wall systemsInsulating: air pockets provide superior sound and thermal insulationLightweight: reduces foundation requirements and freightLong lasting and sustainable with little maintenance requiredSimple to use: stack without mortar, are self-aligning, take regular nails, and can be cut with a hand saw. Electrical wiring and plumbing can be run vertically through available holes or horizontally after chasing the wallStrong: resistant to high winds and seismic activityVermin, mold, and termite resistantVersatile: double walls, ledges, and molded-in-place fixtures are easy

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