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    SY1-25 hydraulic block making machine

    SY1-25 hydraulic block making machine

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    Product Details:


      1. SY1-25 hydraulic block making machine which?is a small block making machine .It is easily operated by man and save your cost. It is widely used in African countries. If you want to make interlocking bricks,I think it is appropriate for you to buy? this one machine.

      2. SY1-25 is our newest hydraulic paver block machine.easy struture and cheap price is the advantage.can produce all kinds of paver and interlocking block.

      3. SY1-25 hydraulic block making machines hydraulically compress soil that contains a small amount of clay and silt mixed with cement into soil cement blocks. When cured, these can be dry-stacked with no mortar.? They're also an eco-friendly, cost-saving alternative to conventional vibration machines.

      4. Machine use 2.2KW motor .the hydraulic tank can give 20T pressure to produce a perfert paver with smooth face.

      5. Total weight is 220Kg.so it is easy for transport.

      6. you can use clay? for the block.it is fomouse for the africa country and south america.

      anyway,it is ideal machine for paver block.interlock block.



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