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    block making machine
    2021-6-24 9:15:27

    QTJ4-26C concrete block making machine guarantee:

    Our hollow block making machine is of one year guarantee,during the period we could supply spare parts if they are broken.

    QTJ4-26C concrete block making machine production pressure:

    Hollow blocks can reach 8-10Mpa,Solid bricks can reach 10-12Mpa,so they have a high pressure,can be used widely.

    QTJ4-26C motor voltage:

    380V/50-60hz/3 phase, 415V/50-60hz/3 phase, 440V/50-60hz/3 phase, 220V/50-60hz/3 phase, 240V/50-60hz/3 phase

    Simple introduction of  QTJ4-26C automatic brick machinery
    QTJ4-26C Hot SALE vibro block machine, which is developed on the basis of small and medium model. The

    position-setting of the mould and the discharge head are more accurate. The down-mould adopts the vertical,

    directional vibrating device while the up-mould uses the pressure vibrating. So the blocks made by this machine are even,

    high in density and strength. Also the automatic material distributing system greatly increase the productivity.

    Advantage of QTJ4-26C eco brick making machine:

    A: the steel is our best national standard No.45 steel.

    B: the welding is the best welding technology in our country,anti-wear, aseismatic,anti Moist

    C: the mould is high temperature carburizing heat treatment through 900 Degrees Celsius

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