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    Manual Book for QTJ4-40 BLOCK MAKING MACHINE
    2013-11-6 1:09:10

    Shengli development zone,tancheng county,shandong province,china

      QTJ4-40-block making machine use the mechanical transmission, there are manual mixture into the island-me-forming. Their products look beautiful, clear edges and corners, the weight of products error of ± 3%, strength of it  up to 10.5 ((MPa), error of it is10 percent,its geometry is<± 1.5.
      The aircraft is very useful,it not only can produce concrete build but also use the coal gangue, coal ash, slag, ceramic clay, gypsum and other industrial waste, there are production of various types of load-bearing and non-load-bearing blocks.
    First, install debugging:
      Installation: the machines into the factory will be installed in the specified location (field-should be formed without a solid embedded parts), the host should be placed stable, blenders should be placed in the appropriate position of the host the rear, having installed,you must check whether there are damage in the in the course of transporting, loading ,whether the fasteners is loose, if there are failures you should be promptly excluded.
       Testing: According to requests ,you should put the gear oil into the speed reducer and pours the lubricating oil into each oil site, examines that whether the power source meets the electric appliance requirement (three-phase 380V), after treating inspects unmistakably completely, puts through the power source, debugs that  whether the molding first flash and the die head can move high and low freely, whether there is  anti- friction and another phenomena, if that you must make the adjustment until it can move up and down freely. After debugging the good mold, you should start the mixer, stir the material then emits the mixer, then start artificial brick machine on the promotion electrical machinery, when the two hang the linking you can stop, you should put the appropriate wooden carrier on the the platform vibrator, then start the promotion electrical machinery again, you cannot stop until the molding is on the wooden carrier,afterward you should enters mixer's material with the iron shovel into the molding flash.......

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