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    Compressive strength of foam concrete blocks of dense
    2014-6-7 23:07:05

       As a major energy-saving wall masonry materials and structural integration architecture in recent years has developed rapidly since the insulating concrete blocks, development and application of self-insulation block will significantly advance the process of building energy efficiency, with significant social and economic benefits . Cement-based foam insulation block is cement concrete as the main cementitious materials, masonry wall insulation type material made by chemical foaming process, with a lightweight, good insulation properties, and high specific strength, but also has good fire performance, extensive use of solid waste and so on. Energy-saving wall masonry material therefore, is a good application prospects should vigorously develop and promote the use of.
       Concrete cement-based foam insulation block form of the structure is divided into cement-based concrete density foam insulation block (ie, dense foam concrete blocks), cement-based foam insulation concrete hollow blocks (referred to as foam concrete hollow blocks) and filling cement-based composite insulation foam concrete blocks (referred to as filling foaming concrete block) categories. Because of the structure and properties of foam concrete blocks are obviously different, the performance difference between three types of masonry thermal great that it can satisfy the energy requirements of buildings in different climatic regions. Foam concrete blocks are zero porosity dense solid foam concrete blocks made of foamed concrete made of a single material, divided into B06 (540 ~ 630kg/m3), B07 (640 ~ 730kg/m3) and B08 (740 ~ 830kg/m3) three density levels [4], and dry apparent density of foam concrete production of 540 ~ 830kg/m3. In this paper, B06, B07 and B08 of the three density levels foam concrete blocks for the object, the effect of raw material composition and curing process of foam concrete compressive strength and compressive strength based on dense concrete blocks made of foam suitable mix.

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