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    Research aerated concrete block load-bearing long-term performance after use
    2014-6-7 23:08:59

        Aerated concrete blocks are cement, lime, etc. as the main raw material to aluminum for gas former lightweight porous material made by autoclave curing process. It has good heat insulation, sound absorption performance, but also has a certain strength and ease of processing, and ease of construction, has been widely used in industrial and civil buildings in non-load-bearing walls and roof insulation works. But it can be used as load-bearing walls in multi-storey residential projects, and what kind of impact as a plus when using aerated concrete load-bearing structural performance occurs because the theory is not mature enough, so many people are still skeptical. In the field of research and aerated concrete, physical properties of aerated concrete block production technology and fresh block of more than microscopic analysis, and research on durability is only to stay in the lab antifreeze, shrinkage, Research carbonation properties, etc., and through its long-term use, the performance will be what kind of research in this area has changed but never seen relevant reports.
       Henan Building Materials Research and Design Institute has a building dating from 1981, bearing aerated concrete block residential building, the building belongs to the nature of the test floor, fully aerated concrete block masonry made by the ceiling height 14.5m, divided into five The total construction area of ​​2411m, composed of four units. One, two, three using density 700kg / m, label aerated concrete block No. 50. Today things have changed, Henan Building Materials Research and Design Institute of aerated concrete test floor has served 27 years, the use of the state is still very good. Today, in order to adapt the yard unified planning, improving the lives of the workers, the yard decided to demolish this building test floor had special significance. Because each piece of this building upstairs aerated concrete blocks are real experienced 27 years of wind and rain, sun and rain, so we consider the block removed experimental study of the physical and thermal properties to analyze aerated concrete block through what kind of change will happen after the performance of 27-year natural aging in load-bearing structure, providing a more convincing theoretical basis and practical support for the use of aerated concrete in load-bearing construction engineering.

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