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    Shortcomings and defensive measures of cement hollow block making
    2014-6-16 22:35:06

       Now society, whether national or people are more and more attention to protect the environment, promote the use of environmentally friendly building materials, unburned now also increasingly popular, but in the hollow block brick cement production also sometimes some problems often have a variety of defects during extrusion, causes a variety of defects, because each defect varies, to analyze its causes and try to defense.

    1 mud rotten corner

    Tip clay corners appear rip rip backward turn. The main reason is the middle of the mud extrusion speed, one can head to the central core of the core has lengthened, or the back of the head in the middle of a core set of core rod tube to reduce the period of resistance mud mud into the middle; Second increase the machine's mouth feed end of the four corners of the arc, to expand into the mud around.

    2 clay rotten heart

    Clay flower center, rolled to four weeks, squeeze machine clay obvious bulge in the middle. Mainly in the middle of mud extrusion machine speed. One can put in the middle of the core head with elongated core or core in the middle of the back of the head section of the mandrel sleeve tube to reduce the resistance of mud mud into the middle; second is to increase the feed end of the four corners of the mouth machine curvature to expand into the mud around.

    3 curved clay

    First, when the clay bending machine port on the side of the brick wall while thick, while thin. The main reason is the local population, the core tools, mud tanks and spiral reamer not on the same center, should be corrected. Second, clay zigzag forward, sometimes pulled sunken bad place. The main reason is brick screw extrusion machine reamer main leaf and top deputy leaves missing, or vice-leaf badly worn, respond spiral reamer main lobe and vice leaves for repair or replacement.

    4 clay deformation

    Mainly because of insufficient strength clay, forming the water is too high, the water to be adjusted to deal with molding.

    5 clay transverse cracks down

    Clay transverse rupture caused two main reasons. First, the water formed is too low, the water is adjusted to respond molding; Second plasticity index material is too low, the processing of raw materials to be enhanced, such as reduced size of the material crushing, material aging time increases, the raw material is crushed to such refining improve the plasticity index of raw materials.

    6 clay jagged crack

    Cause jagged cracks mainly for the following reasons. First, the machine side of the corner of the mouth or the second layer of water on both sides of the gap is too big, too much lubrication water, produced water small teeth crack; Second, the machine last two dry mouth, excessive again in front of a layer of water, water generated large teeth crack; Three is just around the corner from the second layer machine dry mouth, small teeth produce anhydrous crack; four corners of the layers are all dry, it will produce anhydrous big teeth crack; Fourth Corner All of the layers of water, it will produce anhydrous large tooth cracks. Should be based on the specific circumstances, according to their respective position adjustment waterways.

    7 clay deformed holes

    First, narrow holes, probably the core head wear mouth too serious or indentation machines should be replaced or adjusted. Second, the shift holes may be skewed or too thin stem, should align the core rod or replacement. Three holes in the middle of flowering individual to dig around. The reason is that the bulk of the core flat head machine beyond the mouth of the mud flat side of the nut to the core application into a little head pressure. Fourth hole collapse deformation, because the mud is too soft, the water should be adjusted molding.

    8 scale clay cracks appear inside the hole

    The first cracks appeared in almost all the holes, the main reason is the core design of the head surface roughness or unreasonable, taper inappropriate, surrounded resistance serious imbalance, or mud is too dry, too hard cause. Second only to the individual holes appear, but the core problem head should be clean and polished head design or modify the core.

    9 Two of the top surface of the mud longitudinal cracks

    Two of the top surface of the mud caused by longitudinal cracks (core frame cracks) was mainly due to a combination of adverse secondary mud. In order to ensure a good combination of secondary mud, strong frame to prevent core grain, should make a big blade end of the core to the mouth of the exit plane machine has a reasonable length, the "healing length." Length should be randomly increased healing of the mouth of the net amount of mud and lengthened, plasticity index difference between the materials for its healing length should be longer.

    10. Mud of the middle recessed

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