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    Foam cement bricks and autoclaved foam concrete blocks
    2014-6-16 22:41:02

        Autoclaved foam concrete block mainly composed of cement, slag powder, river sand for the production of raw materials, the mixing of air bubble through the pressure to force the air into the mix in the mixing slurry type, the structure of the micro-bubble pouring concrete molded by autoclave The reaction produced by other processes, is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving, material stability of new wall materials.

       The main features of autoclaved foam concrete bricks are light weight. It is also 50% lighter than water, even lighter than some wood, equivalent to only the weight of the same volume of normal concrete 1/4-1/5, clay 1/3 of the houses built by its own weight will dropped significantly, but it also has thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire resistance, impermeability, workability, environmental protection and other features. Use autoclaved foam concrete brick wall materials made buildings, built two years after use has been tested, good quality, meet national project quality, noise, energy, fire and other standards. Also non-load-bearing walls with bricks.

        Foam is the use of foam cement bricks and cement mixing small particles condense made with lightweight, thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire-quality performance, but because of the use of a small diameter greatly reduce the cost of non-load-bearing walls ideal supplies.

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