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    What to buy brick machine pallet note
    2014-6-16 22:43:22

        Mianshaozhuanji many pallet manufacturers, while repairing inevitably some difficult, I do not know where to start to repairing pallets to the Heart of the brick machine, just remember the simplicity of the following five items, repairing brick machine care board is relatively easy:

       First, brick machine pallet company site visits to the company's strength is not the standard look legitimate company;

       Second, the initial amount of orders can be, try the company's product;

       Third, the determination to see the terms of the contract, payment methods, to ensure the effectiveness of quality, delivery methods;

       Fourth, the payments are not able to go public accounts, delivery is not possible delivery;

       Five, best know from the company's multi-faceted product quality and effectiveness is not in place.

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