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    How the brick cement brick front high rear low resolved
    2014-6-16 22:45:31

       Cement brick out of the brick front high rear low how to solve? - Five cement brick tile in the front row of the same products, unburned brick production problems that may arise and treatment of altitude lower than the rear, the error exceeds 2mm or more (more than 3mm block brick); or missing front brick materials, brick dense enough, how to solve? Cause of a fault: parameter adjustment unreasonable, cutting uneven material under the front too. Approach: By adjusting the 'stop time before the cloth', 'delay rake feeding time', 'cloth-way time,' cause vibration bit delay time ',' pre-vibration interval 'parameters, increasing the mold frame front cloth to increase the height of the brick. 2 Fault Reason: vibration table rubber cushion (or spring) time is too long, the larger the height difference between the front and rear, causing vibration table injustice; height bracket and vibration shaker table is poor, inconsistent, resulting vibration shaker, after the molding is not the same amplitude of vibration. Treatment: If the rubber shock pad wear, replace the rubber shock pad, and then adjust the vibration table bracket height. (Normal vibration table bracket height is less than the four corners of the vibrating table 3-3mm.) 3 Fault Reason: vibration table positioning axes, positioning the fabric liner wear affect the results (the old equipment with nylon positioning block). Solution: Check and replace worn parts.

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