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    Introduction block molding systems and maintenance systems
    2014-6-18 19:58:42

       Block making the entire block production of the core technology, the part of the main host of block making, floor cleaning machines push plate, bottom return machine to send a block plate, chain conveyors, block light machine, l plates, small bridges, hydraulic station (two), control cabinets and other 11 sets of major equipment components, block molding host directly affect the quality of the products block the density, strength and appearance, forming this end block Host designed using a recognized worldwide most advanced and sophisticated vibration mode plus hydroforming technology, exciting force, high efficiency vibration molding, molded products uniformly dense, accurate size, can produce more than 15MPa high-strength blocks, to accommodate the large bowel vibration force, much pressure, high reliability and high durability, particularly robust machine design, mold using a modular structure type, its liner mandrel with a heat-treated material, hard and durable, long life, easy to replace. Block making procedures.
       Floor cleaning machine to clean up after the push plate through the floor into a block machine returns sent to board aircraft, and then send out the plate from the machine to the floor beneath the mold box, up stripping the floor beams so close to the bottom of the mold box, and this Meanwhile Doumen open hopper, concrete discharged into the hopper, then Doumen off to the front line of the mold box location hopper to die inside feeding, feeding the mold box when the vibration, the fighting broke arch gate material for reciprocating rake rake material movement (vibration feeding), feeding up after a set time, raking stop, hopper back to the reset mode vibration continues, the pressure inside the concrete beam fell on mold pressure (pressurized vibration), the pressure dropped to products pressurized beam setting After the height stop vibration and lock into place, release the beam began to move, release the pressure beam and girder fell while the molded article from the mold box mouth launch (next release), prolapse products supporting the floor, and then sent to board a block from the launch (while the top floor to the next piece of the mold into the next round of work) into the chain conveyor by light deburring machine after finishing up plates into the machine, up board machines send each foot After three plate blocks, automatic long-layer, multi-layer rose nine feet fork-transit vehicles removed, into blocks conservation.
    Block conservation system (with board Conservation)
       Forming a good block needs to be conserved. This is to ensure the quality of the strength of the third block key. To ensure the block strength and production efficiency, the system uses pressure steam curing, its main equipment consists of a multilayer Fork Transfer Vehicle (also known as kiln cars), conservation kilns, steam boilers and other conservation composed of three major equipment, in order to ensure the production of rhythm balanced, kiln cars run plenty of time, the system uses about 412 tons deadweight capacity of nine twenty-seven plates of large capacity fork-transit vehicles, which ensure smooth and leisurely run kiln cars, and can fully guarantee the full range of normal operating rhythm.

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