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    The role of seepage pavers
    2014-6-19 23:56:23

    Seepage pavers as sidewalks, public squares, living community walking trails, large buildings and parking lots surrounding carriageway paving material selection, in addition to non-slip effect is obvious addition, its high water permeability, permeability rate of more than 2 millimeters per second , rain can quickly penetrate into the original soil, rainfall on the road during the general basic unseen water.

    Seepage of water storage capacity pavers also strong, the estimated new tiles can save 8 per square meter rose to about 12 liters of water, the equivalent of 6-8 large water storage Coke bottle. When sunny, this part of the water can evaporate, reducing the urban "heat island effect."

       Seepage laying pavers, can Yuandang waters of Lake Water Quality 1.6 km2 direct benefit. Yuandang 36 square kilometers surrounding the lake surface carries rainwater import, can greatly reduce seepage laying brick road after rain import Yuandang lake surface, reducing pollution of surface rainwater carries pollutants to surface water quality in the lake Yuandang also reduce surface stormwater carrying pollutants into the municipal storm sewer and sewage pipe network, reduce operating costs of municipal sewage treatment facilities. Promote these bricks to improve the city's surrounding waters also have an important role.

       Brick laying hardened ground water seepage will bring eco-environmental benefits include: in the district, parks, squares and parking lots to achieve without drainage pipes, mitigating delivery pressure of municipal sewage drainage network and reduce the amount of processing; absorb vehicle Noise generated when; rainy night to prevent surface water and reflective, improving vehicle and pedestrian walking comfort and safety; pooled rainwater seepage through the pavement, provide water to irrigate the surrounding greenery.

       Manufacturing seepage tiles, can be a lot of construction waste and industrial waste pollution in order to achieve sustainable development goals.

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