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    The main purpose of concrete pavers
    2014-6-19 23:57:28

        Concrete pavers are cement, aggregates and water as the main raw material, mixing, forming, curing and other processes for the production of surface and ground engineering bricks, boards and other concrete products. According to their shape into Cape shaped concrete pavers and concrete pavers (including concrete interlocking blocks); their size specifications into concrete pavers and concrete pavement; into their constituent materials with a surface layer of concrete pavers concrete pavers and whole body.
        The main purpose of concrete pavers are the following:
        1) within the city sidewalks, pedestrian street;
        2) Place the parking lot;
        3) Lake (River) coast, the harbor and other coastal road;
        4) highway gas station parking lot and the highway to the parking lot of transition;
        5) ports, terminals and other infrastructure of roadways and parking.

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