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    Characteristics of concrete pavers
    2014-6-19 23:58:43

        Concrete pavers are cement, aggregates and water as the main raw material, mixing, forming, curing and other processes for the production of surface and ground engineering bricks, boards and other concrete products. Is a prefabricated factory, laying the scene, set the function, landscape and environmental protection in one of the new road with the ground material. Compared with traditional concrete and asphalt pavement, there are characteristics of the following three aspects.
      (1) Multi-function. Compared with the overall watering rigid concrete pavement, which uses small pieces laying, filled with sand between the blocks, so it has "a rigid surface, flexible connection," a unique function, anti-distortion performance, especially for large deformation of the flexible foundation . Municipal building, due to poor planning, while laying the sewer; while laying gas pipelines, cable ducts, etc., as a whole watering concrete pavement, excavation, repair works and cost a considerable amount, but the use of concrete pavers, because is a small piece laying in the middle with sand caulk, easily removed. After laying the pipe, can continue to use the original brick, which is equal to the installation of the road on a "zipper." Since the factory prefabricated concrete pavers, laying the scene, to facilitate the construction, maintenance, repair, after laying can be immediately put to use. And the whole Poured Concrete pavement repair must conserve certain number of days, the intensity reached the requirements to be enabled.
      (2) landscape. Concrete pavers come in all shapes, the surface can be natural or colored, patterned brick pavement can be scene in a variety of colors, with the surrounding architecture, landscape coherence.
      (3) environmental protection. Concrete pavers have a "respiratory function" can be built permeable pavement. When it rains, surface water can seep into the ground quickly through the sand joints between the blocks and keep the water table. And the weather is hot, air dried, ground sand can be sewn into the atmosphere by evaporation, to maintain a certain humidity of the air and automatically adjust the air humidity, soil moisture conservation and protection which the vegetation is very beneficial in cities.

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