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    Chain block of related presentations
    2014-6-20 0:01:45

    Real chain block

    Real chain block male and female tenon joints snugly between the Block and Block naturally smooth deviation ≤ 2mm, do not need to play in the knock outside, the adhesive has been designed to block the appearance of vertical sewn reserved in masonry construction its bonding material usage is low, straight after the masonry wall mortar joint control of 5-6mm natural and strong integrity, seismic effect is obvious;

      Poor quality of the chain block

    The so-called chain block is actually lightweight aggregate block; After the male and female mouth bite block deviation ≥ 15 mm, the need was knocked to play leveling construction, easy to crack the stability of the difference between the blocks, large amount of adhesive, no chain function, seismic effect is poor, the overall effect is close to filling masonry block construction quality is difficult to control;

    Different raw materials, different production equipment, maintenance mode makes the intrinsic quality of the chain block there is a big difference, including the indicators shrinkage, strength, density, noise, fire, etc.;

    Good lightweight aggregate block production base should have: a large finished laying area, complete production equipment and high-quality cement conservation, stone saltpeter powder, steel slag out (yellow) is particularly important, its quality is good or bad to join directly determine the block number density is qualified;

    The manufacturers try not to block the production chain together, otherwise difficult to guarantee the quality of the masonry wall;

    Although the construction process chain block roughly the same, but look at the chain of different substantive reinforcement block block Atlas, from the other side can also reflect the quality of the various blocks of the chain;

    Chain block users must be familiar with quality, prestige manufacturer cooperation, risk-averse sales of trickery;

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