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    How to identify the brick model
    2014-6-21 0:28:13

        Now on the market is called block brick varied but not chaotic, we most often see is QT4-15, QT4-25, QT4-35, QT5-20, QT6-15, QT8-15, QT10 -15, and QT3-20, QT9-15 will have. This variety of names, is not representative of the larger the number of brick on the greater performance better? This may not necessarily. Now teach you how to identify some of the performance characteristics of model brick. In China, the national standard automatic block making machine is to say how many pieces of a board can be formed 390 * 190 * 190 hollow blocks, 4 -, 6 -, 8 -, 10 -, and 12 even - singular are non-national standard, the larger the number, the greater the models.

        It is not also behind 15,20,25,35 bigger the better it? This is not. Behind this figure refers brick molding cycle, 15 on behalf of 15 seconds forming a board. So this is a little bit of good in general. The smaller the better is not it? This may depend on the situation of the brick itself, mechanical vibration, if the excessive transfer molding time, then some of the density of air bricks may substandard. For users of hydraulic automatic block molding machine can be adjusted quickly myself, but must also take into account the capacity of the brick itself. So manufacturers give you basically a moderate tone values, generally do not have to tune. Digital finished, that in front of the QT What does it mean? Q is "fighting" the first phonetic alphabet block making machine, T is "Taiwan" Taiwan vibration machine word first phonetic alphabet, QT together representatives is Taiwan vibration machine, on behalf of the vibration mode of the machine .

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